Duo tang (mixed primary colours)1212121215
1" binder211
1.5" binder1
Hilroy 7x9 blank notebook341
Hilroy 7x9 half plain/half interlined notebook3
Dividers (blank)Pkg of 5
Large scrapbook, coiled hilroy Studio (20 sheets, 35.6 cm x 27.9 cm)1
Two-pocket folder11
Scissors 8" Fiskar111
Scissors 4.5" Fiskar11
Metric ruler1111
Large glue stick (UHU Stic or Elmers brand)44433
White glue, Lepage1
White eraser55422
HB pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga)36363624
HB pencils (Dixon Tri-Conderoga)24
Primary pencil1
Pencil sharpener with lid11111
Pencil crayons 2412221
Box 24 crayons111
Box 8 jumbo crayons
Box of 12 fine point washable felt pens12111
Box of 8 jumbo washable felt pens1
Blue pen113
Red pen113
Sharpie black fine tip marker1111
Dry erase pen/marker - no odor/low odor (Bick)
Pencil box (small, plastic)1111
Headphones/ear buds11111
Indoor running shoes (Velcro or slip)1111
Bag for gym shoes11
Box of kleenex11111

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